CRSD Strategic Plan: All values point to Excellence!


Every student will learn and be successful.

Every student will learn and experience success at school and in preparation for life. The CRSD will deliver relevant, rigorous, standards-aligned curriculum to ensure student engagement in learning that results in high levels of achievement and preparation for life. Excellent curriculum and instructional best practices will result in high levels of student engagement, efficacy, agency, and success.Value Statement & Strategic Goal

What It Looks Like in the CRSD
  • A consistent and intentional focus on the Five Essential Questions:
    • What do students need to know? (Curriculum)
    • How will they learn it? (Instructional Strategies)
    • How will we know if they have learned it? (Assessment)
    • What will we do if they have not learned it? (Intervention)
    • What will we do if they already know it? (Enrichment)
  • Academic achievement targets for each school, classroom, and individual student focused on growth and proficiency are set and regularly reviewed by educators, students, and parents
  • A well-defined Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) program based on comprehensive individual student data and needs informs instruction, intervention, and enrichment

Instructional Excellence

Effective educators are the key to student engagement and learning.

Value Statement & Strategic Goal

Effective educators are the key to student engagement and learning. The CRSD will hire and retain innovative, enthusiastic, 21st Century educators with exceptional skills, growth-mindsets, and student-centered approaches to education. Excellent educators employ inspirational leadership, effective and responsive pedagogy, and a solid understanding of content, skills, and individual student needs to support learning and ensure engagement in school.

What It Looks Like in the CRSD
  • Recruitment and retention of outstanding educators who demonstrate excellence in teaching, leadership, and creating authentic connections with students, families, and communities
  • Effective instructional practices are evident in every classroom in the district
  • Innovative approaches and digital tools are used to support teaching and learning
  • Accountability exists for effective leadership and instruction through a well-defined professional growth and evaluation program
  • Effective interventions and enrichment are evident in every classroom
  • High-quality adopted curriculum is delivered with fidelity and enthusiasm
  • Administrators organize, inspire, and lead with energy and integrity
  • Educators demonstrate mastery in differentiating instruction for individual students.
  • Clear and consistent curriculum and standards of excellence are evident in classrooms district-wide, with appropriate support provided to help every student succeed
  • Educators are compassionate, caring, and trauma-informed

Personalized Learning

Each student’s individual needs matter.

Value Statement & Strategic Goal

Each student’s individual needs matter -- academically, socially, and emotionally. The CRSD will provide students with options, guidance, and support to meet their learning needs and empower them to achieve success. Teaching and learning are tailored to address individual students’ needs, interests, and goals, with blended learning environments, innovative scheduling, and meaningful relationships serving as vehicles to support individual student growth and personal wellness.

What It Looks Like in the CRSD
  • Academic, behavioral, and wellness counseling and goal setting for all students K-12 are key components of a personalized learning experience
  • Educators consistently and intentionally focus on the development of resiliency and growth mindset in every interaction, with every student
  • Individualized student learning plans are informed by multiple data points gathered from reliable and frequent formative assessments
  • 21st Century tools are purposefully selected and used to differentiate instruction and engage students in tailored learning experiences
  • Blended learning instructional models are implemented at all grade levels to address small group and individual needs within the larger classroom
  • Data dashboards and information-rich reports document progress and achievement for students, parents, teachers, administrators


A district-wide commitment to excellence makes us stronger.

Value Statement & Strategic Goal

A district-wide commitment to excellence and shared vision for student success makes us stronger. The CRSD will create an organizational climate in which all communities feel a sense of belonging within the district. A shared vision for an excellent education recognizes, values, and respects the identities of our diverse communities while pooling resources and opportunities to benefit all students.

What It Looks Like in the CRSD
  • Families feel welcome in our schools and actively support student success
  • Partnerships with businesses, agencies, tribal councils, and faith-based organizations support academic programming, student engagement, safety, and social-emotional health and well-being
  • District-wide initiatives serve to improve and enhance opportunities for all students, regardless of the attendance area in which they reside
  • Annual satisfaction surveys collect data, information, and feedback on the quality of school and district functions from students, parents, staff, and communities
  • Collegial opportunities within each building and across the district result in a connected, innovative network of educators committed to the success of all CRSD students


Honesty, respect, transparency, and integrity serve as organizational cornerstones.

Value Statement & Strategic Goal

Honesty, respect, transparency, and integrity serve as organizational cornerstones. The CRSD will demonstrate a commitment to the district’s vision and mission through every decision and in every action, at every level within the district. Every interaction within the board room, office, school building, classroom, or activities venue reflects integrity and a commitment to character, honesty, growth mindset, transparency, stewardship, and respect for all cultures and stakeholders within the district.

What It Looks Like in the CRSD
  • The values and the mission of the district are embraced and promoted by School Board members, Advisory School Board members, and employees
  • District-wide communication plan outlines clear and consistent communication and supports transparency in instruction, academics, operations, and programs
  • District finances and expenditures support excellent opportunities for all students and are aligned with the core values of the Strategic Plan
  • Integrity is evidenced by open, honest, and direct communication with stakeholders and tailored community outreach
  • Character education contributes to the preparation of ethical, civic-minded, future leaders for our region


Process-orientation and financial stewardship result in sustainable forward motion.

Value Statement & Strategic Goal

Process-orientation and financial responsibility result in sustainable forward motion. The CRSD will establish and document transparent and consistent practices that support organizational effectiveness and efficiencies. As board members, leadership, and staff members change, systems-thinking and process-orientation allow the district to continue to innovate and operate in alignment with the strategic plan and district priorities.

What It Looks Like in the CRSD
  • Articulated and documented systems for operations, departments, and schools increase efficiency and consistency
  • Cross-training (supported by process documentation) improves efficiency and strength of the workforce
  • Fiscal responsibility ensures consistent and predictable funding for school and district operations focused on core values of the Strategic Plan
  • Outside funding sources are actively pursued to support special projects and initiatives
  • Staff recruiting, development, recognition, and incentives result in employees committed to our communities and schools
  • Cross-district collaboration results in expanded opportunities for students, a broader professional network for employees, and greater efficiencies in district operations
  • Annual review of Strategic Plan and district progress toward goals