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Glennallen Middle/High School

Glennallen Middle/High School, about 21 hours ago

Glennallen Schools:
In response to COVID-19 Scholastic has developed an online book fair so that students may still have access to new books at an affordable price. Our book fair can be accessed between April 16th and April 19th through our homepage. Shipping on all-book orders over 25$ is free.
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Glennallen Middle/High School

Glennallen Middle/High School, 4 days ago

Just a reminder Glennallen Chromebooks will be distributed today!

Parents will need to meet us to sign the CRSD User agreement before a Chromebook can be given out. If we miss you, please call us so we can make another arrangement.

Glennallen School Parking Lot 11:30-1:00

Gakona Hall Parking Lot 12:00-1:00

Gulkana Hall Parking Lot 1:30-2:30

Tazlina Hall Parking Lot 12:00-1:00

Kluti-Kaah Hall Parking Lot 1:30-2:30

Kenny Lake School

Kenny Lake School, 5 days ago

This is a reminder to all Kenny Lake School families of middle and high school students to have your student DAILY check their emails and Google Classrooms for assignments, updates, etc.  

Glennallen Middle/High School

Glennallen Middle/High School, 5 days ago

Teachers are sending out invites for Zoom meetings, Google Classroom, and other things. Students need to check their CRSD email account to accept these invites. Please ask your children to check email so they are ready for school on Monday.

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