Bus Guidelines:

Riding the bus is a privilege


All routes are subject to change.

Schedules are run according to KCAM time.

Please be at Bus Stops 5 MINUTES prior to bus arrival


Students should:

• Be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus arrives

• Wait 15 feet from where the bus will stop

• Do Not approach the bus until it has stopped

• Do Not cross the road until the driver says it is ok

• Obey the driver at all times for their own safety

• Remain seated at all times on the bus

• Keep aisles clear

• Treat each other with respect

• Not food or drink on the bus

Parents should:

• Make sure students are ready and waiting at the bus

stop 5 minutes before the scheduled arrival time

• Meet Kindergarten children at the bus stop

• Remind their children and enforce bus riding rules

• NOTIFY the school if their child will be getting off at

any location other than regularly scheduled stop so that

the school can issue a bus pass

• Notify First Student if you have moved and your regular

bus stop has changed. Call 822-4333.

• For a full list of bus procedures and rules please read

pages 12-14 of the CRSD student handbook, and go

over these rules and procedures with your children

BEFORE school starts.