Digital Learning Information

The links below are do not necessarily represent Copper River School District policy or practice. The links are provided for those who wish to read more about issues related to digital learning resources.

An Internet search will turn up many links to resources regarding technology in education. The websites of e-learning vendors also have examples and helpful information.

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How Compatible are the Common Core and Technology?
An interesting post from The Hechinger Report detailing how digital tools can help students engage with and learn the standards more efficiently.

Can Computerized Essay-Scoring Make Students Better Writers?
Students' attitude toward online writing assessments.

Alaskan Leader Keeps Rural Students Connected
Great "CAN DO" student centered attitude toward technology right here in Alaska.

The International Association for K-12 Online Learning. Their website offers article, research and books regarding online and blended learning opportunities.

The Thomas Fordham Institute has several documents related to digital learning. Several of papers have been compiled in a report used in the CRSD. You can download the entire report Education Reform for the Digital Era by clicking here.

Keeping Pace with K-12 Online & Blended Learning Report (2013)
Comprehensive review of growth of online and blended learning over the past decade.

VIDEO: Strategy Session 2 -- A Customized Education: Extreme Choices through Digital Learning
Conversation about the future of digital learning across the U.S.; speakers include iNACOL president, legislators, and state-level leaders.

Supporting K-12 Students in Online Learning: A Review of Online Algebra I Courses (SRI International):
The purpose of this report is to provide objective information about the online Algebra I courses available on the market today.

The Future of the Curriculum (MacArthur Foundation / March 2013):
Although ideas about digital media and learning have become an important area for educational research, little attention has been given to the practical and conceptual implications for the school curriculum. In this book, Ben Williamson examines a series of contemporary curriculum innovations in the United States, Great Britain, and Australia that reflect the social and technological changes of the digital age.

MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Research
Numerous foundation-funded studies about how young people learn today – especially with digital media.

Connected Learning: An Agenda for Research and Design
Synthesis of ongoing research, design, and implementation of approach to education called “connected learning.”

Georgia Governor’s Office of Student Achievement Digital Learning Resources page
(see Digital Learning Research link for articles and studies about digital content, competency-based learning, blended learning, and more).

Research & Commentary: Digital Learning Possibilities & Pitfalls (Heartland Institute / 2012):
Links to a number of studies and articles highlighting strengths and weaknesses of digital learning.

Facing the Screen Dilemma: Young Children, Technology, and Early Education
Facing the Screen Dilemma "There’s no question that screen technologies are drastically changing the lives of children. As a result, early childhood educators face a complex dilemma."

Digital Learning Now

Degrees Don't Matter Anymore, Skills Do

Big Three Publishers - Digital Textbook
"'Big Three' Publishers Rethink K-12 Strategies

District Administration article
Edgenuity is approved for mathematics curriculum in California.

The Alaska Association of School Boards Consortium for Digital Learning has done Alaska specific research regarding digital learning. The CRSD, along with several other districts participated in an iPad project that was very well received by our students, parents, and teachers. Their website includes a lot of helpful information.

Several CRSD teachers have attended the Alaska Society for Technology in Education (ASTE) Conference in Anchorage. CRSD staff have served on the ASTE Board.

Brain Development in a Hyper-Tech World Dana Foundation
This "briefing paper" provides "a cautionary flag" about the amount of digital media young people encounter.

Supporting K-12 Students in Online Learning: A Review of Online Algebra I Courses (SRI International):
The purpose of this report is to provide objective information about the online Algebra I courses available on the market today.

What Works Clearing House
"Daily Online Testing in Large Classes: Boosting College Performance While Reducing Achievement Gaps"

Online Learning Drifts Off Course
An NPR segment and article about MOOCs and lessons being learned about online coursework.

Learning Powered by Technology
U.S. Department of Education webpage specific to technology in education.

FACT SHEET: Opportunity for All: Answering the President's Call to Enrich American Education Through ConnectED
White House press release detailing federal push for high-speed Internet and educational technology in classrooms.

ConnectED: President Obama's Plan for Connecting All Schools to the Digital Age
Fact sheet with information about the national ConnectED initiative to expand access to high-speed digital connections and technology in classrooms.

Bringing America's Students into the Digital Age
White House Blog post about President Obama's ConnectED initiative.