Welcome back to school! I am very excited for this school year! I’ve been in the Glennallen School for 13 years as a teacher but this will be my first year as an administrator. This will be a year of transition and learning from teacher to administrator. As a principal I will help foster lifelong learning for all students. I want all students to have a plan for life after graduation. In order to do that, I want to learn how to support all teachers, paraprofessionals and parents so that students can have success in the world beyond their K-12 school experience. It is my desire to lead teachers and students to being the best they can be in school and out of school.

I believe having a good, strong, supportive relationship with students, parents, colleagues and community members is key to creating a safe learning environment. Over the past 13 years, I have developed several relationships with students, parents, colleagues and community members. Being a principal would only make those relationships stronger. As the only Alaska Native teacher in the district, I know that I not only have a great impact on native students but also on non-native students in our area. Being a principal would only make that impact on students greater and would hopefully lead them into the “Real World” with support and encouragement to be successful. Those relationships that have built over the years both in and out of the school and have helped in developing leadership skills in myself, as well.

There may be bumps in the road but I appreciate your patience with me as I learn my new role in our district. Thank you for the many who have already extended their support and for those who are praying for me. I know this will be a great year!   :)

- Frances Jackson, Principal