We’ve got Blue GRIT at Kenny Lake School! We are proud to be the Kenny Lake Hawks and we boldly wear our blue and gold to show our school spirit. We’ve also got grit, which is defined as having courage and resolve; it’s possessing strength of character. At Kenny Lake, we emphasize positive character traits and strive to instill them in our students as we provide them with a solid educational experience.

Grit is also an acronym. According to the book From Grit to Great, by Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval, grit is a combination of Guts, Resilience, Initiative, and Tenacity. GRITbegins with Guts, having the courage to take on a tough challenge and not falter in the face of adversity. Resilience gives grit its elasticity. It’s what makes a person pursue an opportunity and not quit in spite of failure or humiliation, instead, the person regroups, adjusts and moves on. Initiative is being a self-starter. It’s what makes grit dynamic, what sets it in motion. The final part of grit is Tenacity. Tenacity is the relentless ability to stay focused on a goal and never give in when the going gets rough.

GRIT is what keeps Kenny Lake School moving forward in spite of being a small, rural school. Step into our halls and you will see students focused on learning through a variety of tools and strategies. We work hard to give our students a personalized learning environment using blended learning models in all grades levels and allowing students to have a key role in how and what they are learning. Students also have opportunities to keep track of their own progress. Teachers utilize a variety of methods and strategies to make learning fun as well as educational, and students participate in individual and group projects.

Woven throughout the days in grades K-8 is music, art, physical education as well as traditional learning activities. Our school is blessed to have tremendous support from parents and members of our community, people who exhibit GRIT on a daily basis and are determined to keep our school great.

When we combine GRIT with our school pride, the end result is BLUE GRIT, a resolve and commitment to provide our Kenny Lake Hawks with the best educational experience possible regardless of the circumstances. We encourage you to stop by for a visit and witness it for yourself.  

- Shawna Goodwin, Lead Teacher