Kenny Lake School--The Place to Be Unique

Kenny Lake School’s theme for the 2020-2021 school year is “The Place to Be Unique.” It incorporates our theme from last year, “KLS is the Place to Be...”, and an important concept that became significant as we navigated the waters of educating students during a pandemic. Unique.

We were thrust into teaching remotely, and it affirmed that personalized learning and individual attention were crucial for our students’ success. We saw the need for a mastery based approach as our students were not all at the same place, path or pace in their learning as they worked from home. We witnessed the impact distance learning had on students’ emotional and social wellbeing. It was a unique situation and dealing with all of our students’ needs required individualized methods.

Our school motto is “Be Hawk STRONG” (successful, tenacious, responsible, outstanding, noble and gracious) and that continues to be at the forefront of our thinking as we head into a new year. We will persist in developing practices that fit the unique needs of the students to help them be HAWK STRONG. The staff will continue to build relationships with our students and work to educate the WHOLE person, assisting in academics as well as social/emotional learning. We will work alongside parents and network with community members to maintain a solid foundation for our students’ educational experience.

It is impossible to predict what our final scholastic canvas will look like this year, and there are sure to be differing opinions on how we achieve that end, but if we remember that we are all distinctive threads in this tapestry of life and if we stick together, we will create something special, something memorable, something unique.