The Copper River School District

 is now in the 

Medium-Risk Level 

for School Attendance. 

For the medium risk level the numbers of community transmission has gone beyond 27 positive cases in our census area (This is part of the Valdez, Cordova, and Other area. Our count only include the "Other" in the consensus area). 

All high school students in the district go immediately into an A & B day rotation."A" day students attend on-site on Monday and Tuesday. No High School students attend on-site on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday the "B"-day students attend on-site school. When not attending on-site, High School students attend remotely including Wednesdays when both A & B  day students attend remotely. 

Glennallen Middle School students are also on an A & B day rotation. Slana and Kenny Lake Middle School students are on-site. 

All elementary students during medium risk level. will continue to be on-site. 

All schools will have shorten days during the medium-risk level. School will be out at 2:10 pm Bus schedules have been revised to reflect the early release time.